1. Assembly supervision

  • Coordination of the various construction and assembly groups
  • Monitoring and documentation of assembly progress
  • Tracking and maintenance of the assembly schedule
  • Monitoring of documentation revisions for the as-built records
  • Management and logging of performance tests
  • Start-up support including on-call service
  • Familiarization and training of maintenance and operations personnel
  • Complete supervision of assembly up to acceptance

2. Commissioning

  • On-schedule functionality of the assembled products
  • Examination of their operational readiness and their production
  • All activities related to start-up and proper operation of mounted and appropriately inspected systems

3. Construction management of industrial plants for the steel industry

  • Commissioning up to final acceptance by the end customer
  • Coordination of various components:
      Fine adjustment of the system
      Monitoring of the fixed contract elements, such as system performance by means of performance tests (speed, accuracy) and quality assurance